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How to negotiate your salary as a future Master graduate ?


Lille, Paris, Sophia-Antipolis, Belo Horizonte, Raleigh, Cape Town, Suzhou
From March 2nd to March 10th 2021

Why this exercise ?
– Be more comfortable with these types of questions in a recruitment interview

– Better highlight your profile in relation to your MSc specialization

– Practice this recruitment tool (deferred video interview)

This exercise is MANDATORY and will be evaluated by recruitment professionals. At the end of this exercise, you will receive a qualitative feedback of your performance by email.

The questions are in English but you can choose to answer either in French or in English.
Don’t forget to review your course
on Wage Negotiation before starting your assessment on the Visiotalent platform. As a reminder, the course is available on Jobteaser
(SKEMA Tools > Employability & Career > Course Employability & Career > M2 Msc)

The Talent and Careers team and the Visiotalent team.

The operation process
What is On Demand Video Interviewing?